Hire A Paid Ads Expert Who Cares



I’m Carlo Thomas, a professional digital advertising expert for the small business community (see my LinkedIn bio). Digital advertising can reap huge benefits for your business, but how do we make that potential a reality?

Google advertising relies on balancing ad copy with targeted keywords and highly-targeted landing pages. What’s more – what works for some small businesses may not work for others.

That’s why I’m offering an audit of your Google ads account for a price of $250 $150.

With every audit, I’ll provide detailed insights on:

  • Ad Copy: Is your ad copy driving clicks to your site?
  • Keywords: Are your keywords too broad, or too narrow?
  • Landing Pages: Are your ads pointing to pages with a clear call-to-action? What’s keeping visitors from converting?
  • Targeting: Are your ads targeting the right people? Nope, I’m not just talking about location.

I’ll put these insights together in a report with easy, actionable steps you can take today to improve results.

If you’re ready to grow your business with the right Google ads strategy, complete the contact form below to request your own account audit for $150.